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New product

Products name Category Profile
ウキウキ!ホッケー2 Simulators
ジェミニ80アルファ Crane game
ジェミニビッグアルファ Crane game
ちびクレ Crane game
ジェミニアイス Crane game
デカクレアルファver.1.5 Crane game

Crane game

Name Summary
NEW ジェミニ80アルファ
NEW ジェミニビッグアルファ
NEW ちびクレ
NEW ジェミニアイス
NEW デカクレアルファver.1.5
GEMINI PICCOLO Specification/100V
Size/H-1300 W-700 D-575mm 
Consumed power/50W(MAX185W)
GEMINI80 Specification/100V
Players /2   
Size/H-1650 W-1350 D-800mm 
Consumed power/250W(MAX600W)
GEMINICHI COMPACT Specification/100V
Size/H-1240 W-450 D-560mm 
Consumed power/25W(MAX100W)
DECA CRE ALPHA Specification/100V
Players /1
Size/H-2240 W-1260 D-1335mm 
 Upper cabinet size/H-1675 W-1450 D-1160mm 140kg
 Lower cabinet size/H-820 W-1260 D-1335mm  120kg
Consumed power/140W
GEMINI BIG Specification/100V
Players /2   
Size/H-1995 W-1775 D-910mm 
Consumed power/365W(MAX725W)
Mini catcher GEMINICH Specification/100V
Players /1   
Size/H-1450 W-505 D-580mm
Control panel height/700mm
Prize shelf board height/800mm 
Consumed power/60W(MAX95W)
Mini catcher twin GEMINI Specification/100V
Players /2   
Size/H-1650 W-1000 D-710mm 
Consumed power/110W(MAX165W)
Weight/ 120kg
BIG CATCHER DECA CRE Specification/100V
Players /1   
Size/H-2245 W-1250 D-1340mm 
Consumed power/600W

Prize machine

Name Summary
TWISTER BIG Specification/100V
Players /2   
Size/H-2115 W-1680 D-1000mm 
Consumed power/270W
TWISTER Specification/100V
Players /1  
Size/H-1650 W-1000 D-710mm 
Consumed power/120W
MIDNIGHT PARK Specification/100V
Players /1
Size/H-1160 W-600 D-900mm 
DREAM CASTLE Specification/100V
Players /1-4   
Size/H-1300 W-1500 D-1500mm 
Recommended prize size / H120 x W65 x D65 (mm)


Name Summary
NEW ウキウキ!ホッケー2
MOGURUSH 2 Specification/100V
Size/H-1245 W-820 D-622mm
Consumed power/50W
TAKORUSH 2 Specification/100V
Size/H-1245 W-820 D-622mm
Consumed power/50W

Kids medal game

Name Summary
NAGICIAN 4P Specification/100V
Players /4   
Size/H-1298 W-1050 D-1000mm 
Consumed power/200W(MAX280W)
MAGICIAN SINGLE Specification/100V
Players /1   
Size/H-1370 W-475 D-590mm 
Consumed power/75W
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